Back to images - International Symposium on Apricot and Plum 2024 from 22th to 26th April


26 April, a part of the International Symposium on Apricot took place in our research center located in Balandran, close to Nîmes.

Published 03/05/2024 - 09:11

It was a real pleasure for our CTIFL researchers to welcome people with different nationalities! 104 participants, from 22 countries, located in 5 continents!

The event was divided in 2 sessions. The first one started at the beginning of the afternoon with a visit by bus of our center guided by Vincent Mathieu-Hurtiger, Director of the CTIFL center of Saint-Rémy de Provence, and animated by Sarah Moyse, Director of the CTIFL center of Balandran, who presented the center.

After showing them the landscape (apricot orchards, but also cherries, apples...), we came back in the center where 2 workshops took place. Silvia Ten Have did a workshop on the INFEL certification presenting and explaining how we have created our CTIFL tools, and the steps of the process for fruits to be certificated. At the same time, Nicolas Barbault, did a varietal presentation of the apricot and explained the french vision at the CTIFL. Elsa Desnoues was the last CTIFL researcher to talk and she gave some information about the quality of the apricot and shared some results of consumers experiments that were realised by the CTIFL.  Thank you to all of you for your energy during this afternoon in 2 sessions!

Also thank you to the participants that came from far to listen to our french vision at the CTIFL and take part to some discussions. Many questions were asked and lots of these questions launched several discussions between apricot and plum's experts. This multicultural meeting will enrich our mind, our reflexion. Not only on scientific subjects, but also on thinking in different ways. As the main goal of research is finding solutions and innovations for a better future, this meeting is a proof that collaboration and sharing is a necessity in science. Thank you to our partners for this collaboration !