Research programmes

  • Evaluation of varieties and rootstocks,
  • Optimisation of technical itineraries, from the mechanisation of operations to reducing inputs, including energy consumption.
  • Study of alternative methods of crop protection, e.g., biocontrol.


  • Technical support
  • Fruit certification
  • GEP trials
  • Training
  • In vitro propagation


70 permanent staff members, including 23 engineers and 10 technicians

Equipment and facilities

A 75 ha site, including

  • 2.4 ha of greenhouses, contained research greenhouse and polytunnels
  • 43 ha of orchards (main species: peach, apricot, cherry, apple, pear), of which 2 ha are organic
  • 20 ha of open field vegetable crops, of which 0.5 ha is organic and 3 ha in conversion
  • Sensory analysis laboratory
  • Entomology laboratory
  • In vitro laboratory
  • Resource and documentation centre

The units

  • Plant Performance and Prospects 
  • Agroecological Production Systems
  • In Vitro Laboratory
  • Certification - Inspection
  • Experimental farm
  • Management

Contact details

Centre CTIFL de Balandran
751 Chemin de Balandran
30127 Bellegarde


Tél. +33(0)4 66 01 10 54

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