European networks

Historically we have conducted our research by combining our talents with those of numerous partners.

This partnership culture is a matter of course in research: it guarantees efficiency and knowledge sharing for the benefit of all stakeholders in the sector. Located in the heart of the main French fruit and vegetable production areas, our research sites constitute, in partnership or in association with the regional experimentation stations, a unique experimentation network in Europe.


The EUFRIN network


 The EUFRIN network is an informal network of universities and research institutes working on fruits. The CTIFL is a member of the EUFRIN board as well as of several working groups:

  • apple-pear (varieties, rootstocks)
  • peach-apricot (variety evaluations)
  • nuts
  • thinning
  • postharvest and fruit quality
  • sustainable production to minimize residues
  • strategy

The EUVRIN network


The EUVRIN network was created in 2016. The CTIFL is associated with the EUVRIN board, as well as Working Groups on:

  • genetics
  • IPM
  • fertilisation
  • aspects of quality/postharvest

A Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SIRA) for fruit and vegetables in Europe is co-constructed and shared between EUFRIN, EUVRIN, Arefelh and Freshfel.