Flows within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector

Distribution channel flowchart in 2020

Flows within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector
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Every two years, the CTIFL updates the distribution flowchart for fresh fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes). The aim of the flowchart is to evaluate and describe the flows from "field to fork" through the various distribution channels in France. The flowchart presented here concerns the year 2020, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and health restrictions.

Published 01/10/2022

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Production – shipping – export

The value of French fruit and vegetable production (all destinations) is established by the Statistics and Forecasting Service (Service de Statistique et de Prévision - SSP) of the Ministry of Agriculture. This value is taken from the Agricultural Accounts. It is the value of production at harvest (excluding subsidies) for unpackaged products. In 2020, it was estimated at 6.8 billion euros, of which 3.4 billion euros for fruit and 3.4 billion euros for vegetables (excluding potatoes) (Figure 1). The share of produce intended for processing was estimated at 0.8 billion euros, based on volumes for processing established by the SSP and an average price according to expert opinion.

Secondly, products for the fresh market go through direct or indirect distribution channels.

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