The CTIFL’s decision-making structure is composed of three bodies in which, from the producer to the distributor, all the stakeholders from the sector are represented:

  • the Executive Committee,
  • the Board of Directors,
  • the Commissions.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of:

  • 20 professional representatives, heads of companies or holdings, with parity between production and trading
  • 1 representative from higher agricultural education,
  • 4 persons of recognised competence,
  • 3 representatives of the technical staff,
  • 4 permanent experts.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of 14 directors. A government commissioner and a comptroller general of finances attend the Executive Committee. They are also members of the Board of Directors.


The Commissions

Three Commissions organise our activities:

  • Fruit Programmes Commission,
  • Vegetable Programmes Commission,
  • Transfer Commission.