Our key figures


Research, experimentation and development in figures

  • 312 research, experimentation and development activities
  • 7 thematic areas
  • Expertise on the majority of fruits and vegetables, including nearly 53 species of fruits and vegetables that are covered by the work at the CTIFL, and expertise extended to 77 vegetable species and 34 fruit species listed in Metropolitan France
  • Coordination of the national experimentation network: meetings of national working groups and technical groups coordinated by the CTIFL
  • 190 hectares of orchards and market gardening


Certification and analyses

  • Nearly 5 million certified fruit plants
  • Nearly 22,000 analyses carried out by the virology and molecular biology laboratory for inspection and conservation breeding


The structure, the people and the budget

  • The headquarters, 5 research centres and 2 decentralised offices; 15 partner experimental stations and 17 regional stations
  • €28 million budget including 52% of voluntary contributions collected by Interfel (Interprofessional Association for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables)
  • 318 staff members including 2 PhD students and work-study students


Events and services

  • More than 25 technical days per year (national conferences, technical meetings and open house days, varietal presentations) with nearly 3,500 participants
  • 4,000 professional, student and institutional visitors come to our research centres
  • We offer more than 56 training courses representing 441 days of training and 2125 trainees
  • We offer more than 71 services in companies



  • 132 catalog references
  • INFOS-CTIFL, since 1983, 10 issues a year on the CTIFL’s current activities
  • ‘Détail Fruits et Légumes’ (DFL), since 1983, 10 issues a year on current activity from points of sale