The CTIFL is proud to announce that it has been granted financial support for 3 new Europeans projects.

Published 08/06/2022 - 09:31

This European success is a sign of considerable encouragement for the organization. It also proves the CTIFL commitment to the fruits and vegetable sector at an international scale and its wish to work closely with its international counterparts to help professionals meet the challenges of sustainable production.

Learn more about CTIFL European projects.


  • Description: Optimization and implementation of integrated pest management tools to help reduce farmers' dependence on conventional chemical pesticides in the EU, China and associated countries.
  • Duration: 48 months
  • CTIFL engineer: Benjamin Gard
  • Countries/partners represented: INRAE is the project coordinator.
  • Other partners: Netherlands (Wageningen), Spain (including IRTA), Italy, Denmark (Aarhus University), Belgium, UK and of course several partners from China.
  • Financial support for the CTIFL: >200K

Climate Farm Demo (Farm network/Carbon neutrality)

  • Description: European-wide network of "climate neutral" pilot and demonstration farms. 130 farms in France, the majority of which are in mixed farming. 5 fruit tree farms and 5 in market gardening are planned.
  • Duration: 7 years
  • CTIFL engineers: Ariane GRISEY, Antonin PEPIN
  • Countries/partners: Idèle is the project coordinator.
  • Other partners: there is a total of 80 partners, including several ITAs, covering a large part of the EU.
  • Funding for the CTIFL: >100K

Innobreed (Fruit Breeding, Organic agriculture)

  • Description: Creation of fruit varieties adapted to organic production, setting up of a varietal evaluation network in organic agriculture at the European level and taking into account the context of climate change, phytosanitary protection, quality and the low input approach. Species targeted by the project: Rosaceae, Citrus and Vine. The CTIFL is involved in peach, apricot and apple crops.
  • Duration: 48 months
  • CTIFL engineers: Sandrine CODARIN, Claude COUREAU, Claire CRESTIN, Guillaume REVEAU, Julien RUESCH
  • Countries/partners: the Centro Internazionale di Altistudi Agronomici Mediterranei (IT) is coordinator of the project.
  • Other partners: INRAE, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark
  • Funding for the CTIFL: >150K