Our activities


Research and innovation

We provide solutions to the challenges of the sector, from upstream to downstream, through science and innovation. Our commitment is to support professionals in the evolution of the sector by offering a range of services adapted to each of the following steps:

Since the European Union’s creation, the CTIFL development succeded thanks to several research programs with its European partners. The CTIFL reinforced its position as a key actor of European research by participating actively to numerous European projects.


Training and services

Our training and services allow the transfer and dissemination of our research and results to facilitate their uptake.



Through our publications, we place our expertise at the service of the sector. Reference books, periodicals or study reports, our publications are a source of in-depth knowledge on all of the sector's themes, whether scientific, economic or regulatory.



Each year, we organise events to transfer our results, exchange and share our experiences, in-person and/or in digital format.



We are recognised as a competent authority in charge of the control and certification of fruit plants, except strawberry plants, by the decree of July 19, 2013.

Moreover, by decree no. 2021-1858, we are also recognised as a competent authority to carry out the inspection and controls necessary for the issue of Plant Passports for fruit propagating materials (CAC standard or certified) to professionals approved for fruit certification.

INFEL® fruit certification and the certification of mycorrhizal truffle plants are based on private specifications of which the registered trademarks belong to the CTIFL (INFEL® and CTIFL Référence®).

Finally, the certification department elaborates and applies the certification referentials while developing new certifications at the request of the professionals concerned.