Our Technical Support Departments


Research, Innovation and Expertise Department

The Research, Innovation and Expertise Department structures and manages the research and innovation program that meets the expectations of the sector’s professionals and the challenges expressed by the various funders. It develops scientific and technical partnerships in France and Europe, through projects submitted to public co-financing or framework agreements. It coordinates the technical expertise of the CTIFL.

The Research, Innovation and Expertise Department anticipates and leads the evolution of our professions and research capacities.


Knowledge Valorisation and Transfer Department

The Knowledge Valorisation and Transfer Department leads and implements actions for the transfer and valorisation of our knowledge, know-how and technologies resulting from our work in France and abroad. It assists companies in the sector to develop their professions and new skills and anticipates their needs over the following five years.

The Valorisation and Transfer Department establishes and deploys the marketing and commercial strategy for our services and products.


Foresight and Economic Studies Department

The Foresight and Economic Studies Department conducts studies and research in the fields of economics and socioeconomics, in order to support the strategic thinking of the fruit and vegetable sector and to inform public decision-makers. It analyses and anticipates consumer behaviour in order to understand the determinants and levers of fruit and vegetable consumption and to anticipate their evolution in a prospective approach. It sheds light on the potential of markets, the economic performance of companies and the factors of competitiveness of French production via observatories and market or sector studies.

The Foresight and Economic Studies Department also supports research and innovation through studies of the economic impact of public policies, economic evaluations of innovation and analyses of the conditions for acceptance of changes in practice.


Communication Department

The Communication Department structures and manages our communications strategy, in line with our overall strategy. It defines the editorial policy and creates external communication media while ensuring their quality and consistency. It supports the development of internal and external events, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid.

It diversifies the communication channels (website, LinkedIn, Twitter feed, YouTube), as well as the paper media used: brochures, reports, editions such as INFOS CTIFL or ‘Détail Fruits et Légumes’.



The Quality Department establishes and implements the CTIFL quality approach, whose objectives and indicators are set out in our Quality policy. It is also in charge of maintaining the quality management system and supervises its implementation through processes in order to meet internal and external requirements (compliance with standards, legal requirements, etc.). It defines the continuous improvement processes and the follow-up, obtains labels, accreditations and certifications that prove the quality of our system and guarantees the same level of quality of both products and services. It carries out regular internal audits.



We are recognised as a competent authority in charge of the control and certification of fruit plants, except strawberry plants, by the decree of July 19, 2013.

Moreover, by decree No. 2021-1858, we are also recognised as a competent authority to carry out the inspection and controls necessary for the issue of Plant Passports for fruit propagating materials (CAC standard (Common Agricultural Conformity) or certified) to professionals approved for fruit certification.

INFEL® fruit certification and the certification of mycorrhizal truffle plants are based on private specifications of which the registered trademarks belong to the CTIFL (INFEL® and CTIFL Référence®).

Finally, the Certification Department elaborates and applies the certification referentials while developing new certifications at the request of the professionals concerned.