Promising initial results with the biogenerator Subscribers

Fertigation for soilless crops

Promising initial results with the biogenerator
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After one year of testing the biogenerator, during which implementation was optimised, the second year enabled us to observe its impact on plant development and its agronomic potential, while confirming the biostimulation effect of biogeneration.

Published 01/11/2023

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A reminder of the principle and challenges of biogeneration

The article "Fertigation in soilless crops - Biogenerators, a step towards integrated nutrient management", published in issue 366 of INFOS-CTIFL in November 2020, describes the principles of the biogenerator, the challenges for the sector and the methodological approach to our experiment.

The biogenerator necessary for the trials is based on a nitrifying biofilter used in aquaponics. An aquaponics system is comprised of three separate compartments: one containing the fish, a second containing the nitrifying biofilter and a third the plants.

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