Research Programs

  • Monitoring commercial quality of fruits and vegetables, at the wholesale stage and at points of sale,
  • Packaging,
  • Supply chains,
  • Equipment and practices at points of sale,
  • Exotic fruits and vegetables.


  • Technical support and advice
  • Training


7 staff members, including 5 engineers

Equipment and technological means

  • Consumer behaviour research laboratory,  equipped with LED lighting,
  • Misting systems,
  • Refrigerated cabinets,
  • Cold-storage facilities,
  • Ethylene analyser for cold-storage facilities,
  • Gas analyser for packaging (O2 and CO2),
  • Materiel for physico-chemical analyses of fruits and vegetables,
  • Sensors, recorders of temperature/hygrometry/air speed, thermal camera, spectrophotometer and energy meter.

Research units

  • Competitiveness of Post-Harvest Management and Technologies

Contact details

Antenne CTIFL de Rungis
1 rue de Perpignan
Case postale 30420
94 632 Rungis Cedex


Tél. +33(0)1 56 70 11 30

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