Our Administrative Support Departments


Administrative and Financial Department 

The Administrative and Financial Department builds, executes and controls our budget while steering and optimising financial performance. It keeps our management tools up to date and protects intellectual property. The Administrative and Financial Department defines the medium and long-term strategic budget options.


Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department manages our resources within the legal and regulatory framework, ensuring control of the payroll and the social climate, while anticipating the flow of skills and changes in professions through the diversity of profiles and cultures. It implements training, job mobility and talent management policy.

The Human Resources Department recruits and integrates the external resources needed to respond to organisational and process changes.


Digital and Information Systems Department 

The Digital and Information Systems Department structures, maintains and develops our IT tools and infrastructures while guaranteeing data security. In support of our activities, it is in charge of developing IT tools (databases, dedicated websites, applications, etc.) for professionals.

Constantly monitoring current trends and new developments, the Digital and Information Systems Department keeps track of emerging new practices and new tools to improve our performance.